Masters students of the Drama School at the EAMT will present mono sketches

On January 28th, 2017 at 7 pm students of the master's programme for physical theatre at the Drama School of the EAMT will perform their first public action „GREEK TRAGEDIES“.

In 2016 the Drama School of the EAMT initiated a master's progrmm for physical theatre under the guidance of Jüri Nael. Professor Nael has studied professional theatre in many countries all over the world and at the moment is teaching at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, in addition to leading the master's programme at the Drama School of the EAMT.

In the public action „GREEK TRAGEDIES“ the following masters students of the Drama School will be acting:

Agur Seim, Jaanika Tammaru (Theatre Must Kast), Kersti Heinloo (The Estonian Drama Theatre), Mait Joorits, Martin Mill (The Ugala Theatre), Raho Aadla, Sergei Furmanjuk (Russian Theatre, Tallinn), Sylvia Köster ja Tanel Saar (VAT Theatre).

The masters students have reached their first milestones in search of interpreting the versatile phenomenon of „physical theatre“  – they are now putting themselves to the test as characters of greek tragedies. Each masters student creates a mono sketch of 30 minutes, based on a certain character of greek tragedy with the purpose of telling its story through their body, movement and text. The audience can meet Oedipus, Phaedra, Agamemnon, Klytaimestra, Prometheus, Creon, Hippolytus and Agave in the black-box of the Theatre NO99.

Greek tragedy is significant, precise and great – Fate. Damnation. Revenge of Gods.

The masters students have been guided by tutors Jüri Nael, Merle Karusoo, Anne Türnpu, Maret Mursa Tormis, Lorna Marshall (Great Britain), Eddie Martinez (Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, Germany), Chris Evans (Gecko Theatre, Great Britain), Ivana Jozic and Kasper Vandenberghe (Jan Fabre Company, Belgium).

All the mono sketches will be performed on 28th January with two breaks starting from 7 p.m at the Theatre NO99

Tickets 14.- / 10.- (reduced price for students and pensioners) are available at and at the ticket office of the Theatre NO99 (Sakala 3).