The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is a public university of music and drama offering higher education in all major fields of music and theatre through bachelor, master and doctoral programmes.

Although with its approximately 700 students EAMT is the smallest among six Estonian public universities and university-level higher education institutionions, internationally it can be compared to medium-sized music and theatre academies.

Bachelor programmes provide training for vocalists and instrumentalists, as well as conductors, composers, musicologists, music teachers and sound engineers. Master’s programmes offer education and training for working in chamber ensembles, accompaniment, contemporary improvisation and cultural management. The curricula for musicians focus on specialist, ensemble and orchestral performance or opera; music theory and history, as well as other fields in the humanities are also studied. It is also possible to qualify as a teacher.

The Drama School at EAMT (Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre) prepares actors, directors and playwrights. The students of EAMT can select courses from other public Estonian universities.

In autumn 2011, a joint master’s programme in traditional music was launched with the University of Tartu, Viljandi Culture Academy. In the following autumn, studies began in two new joint master’s programmes: the Music Education programme in collaboration with the University of Tartu, Viljandi Culture Academy, and the Cultural Management programme in collaboration with the Estonian Business School.

EAMT values the preservation of the inherent values of the Estonian national culture and maintaining the academic traditions of European music and theatre education, while being open to the latest developments in the world of music and theatre.