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Cultural Management / Joint MA programme in Cultural Management /
Head of the Centre, Associate Professor Marko Lõhmus

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre has a two-year master degree program in the cultural management since fall 2002 with the objective to educate professional managers of arts organizations with vision, entrepreneurs promoting cultural industry, administrators and decision-makers in the field of cultural policy. The programme was founded in close co-operation with Sibelius Academy, Finland and Tartu University, Estonia. From 2009 to 2013 the programme was supported by European Social Fund in terms of project: “Development of Cultural Entrepreneurship Module and Curricula Internationalisation for Cultural Management Master’s programme of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre”.

Since 2012 the programme continues as Joint MA Programme with partner Estonian Business School and associate partnerEstonian Academy of Arts. The jont programme is international, interdisciplinary and flexible with an emphasis on management of culture and creative industries. The MA programme is intended for those interested in managing cultural institutions and organizing projects - ideal for anyone with experience in the field or deeper interest in culture. Using active learning methods and lively discussion, the course offers students a chance to engage in cultural discourse, learn about creative industries and cultural entrepreneurship and provides access creative networks.

The interdisciplinary program serves all culture domains and so far we have nearly 50 graduated students of the program.

About 40 per cent of the lecturers of the program are coming from abroad. Thus the aim of the program has been from the very beginning to involve academic competence from abroad. The lectures come from universities from Finland, UK, USA and freelance lecturers form UK, Austria, and Germany etc. Involving the internationalcompetencies to the master studies is crucial in order to provide professional future art managers capable for co operations at European and global level. Teachers are invited from abroad for short time sessions, including prof. Dr. Giep Hagoort (Utrecht University/Utrecht School of the Arts); Peter Thornton (Arts Council England East); Bonita M. Kolb (Lycoming College), Milena Dragicevic-Sesic (Academy of Arts Belgrade), Herbert Grüner (School if Arts and design Berlin), Andreas J. Wiesand (ERICarts), Colin Mercer, Sue E. Kay and Caroline Gardiner (UK) et al.

The programme covers the courses in culture policy, culture theory, leadership, culture legislation, organisational theory, financial and human resource management, public development, marketing the arts, fundraising and public relations. Alongside with the theoretical lectures the emphasis is laid on the visits to the culture organizations and meetings with practitioners as well as practical work. Courses in management and entrepreneurship are offered by Estonian Business School to provide relevant knowledge on effective management, leadership and entrepreneurship. Courses related to arts and design are organised by Estonian Academy of Arts.

In 2002-2004 and 2011-2012 the academic leader of the programme has been Prof. Tuomas Auvinen from Finland. In 2004 - 2010 the academic leader of the programme was Dr. Gesa Birnkrautform Hamburg, Germany. From 2012 prof. Annukka Jyrämä (Aalto University) is the academic leader of the programme.

The Cultural Management Programme of the EAMT is a member of the European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres (ENCATC). EAMT has hosted an international cultural management summer academy Synaxis Baltica on the topic of Creative Clusters in 2007. The programme has carried out several international projects to develop the curricula and cooperation (UNESCO Participation project, Leonardo da Vinci internship projects, Phare CBC, EU Structural Funds etc).

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Kaari Kiitsak-Prikk
Coordinator of the programme 2006 –  early 2010 - knows all the alumins 😉