Instrumental Chamber Music

Head of the Centre, Professor Marje Lohuaru

The main objective of the Instrumental Chamber Music Centre at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is to develop ensemble skills through a broad ensemble repertoire. To acquire the complex set of ensemble skills, students shall play in various ensemble settings throughout the programme. In the formation and subsequent functioning of ensembles we pay great attention to the development of communication capabilities so the students will later be able to apply their ensemble skills.

This year a new optional course in orchestral practice was also launched in which Marrit Gerretz-Traksmann provides guidance and practical advice to piano students for playing in an orchestra.

According to the examination plan, students shall perform full compositions from different eras, including chamber music compositions by Estonian composers.

Annual participation at the International Student’s Chamber Music Festival, a long-standing event (50 years), or even helping to organise the event, is also considered part of the academic work. The festival brings together international concert producers, and provides an opportunity for the best student ensembles to participate in international concert life.

Students have a lively interest in playing in ensembles. Therefore, participation in chamber music competitions (including international ones) has already become a tradition where student ensembles have achieved remarkable results. The concert series “Ajast aega” (From Time to Time) was launched at the initiative of the centre. Throughout the year, the best specialists in Europe carry out chamber ensemble master classes.

The Instrumental Chamber Music Centre actively participates in the work of the European Chamber Music Teachers Association, and the Chair of the organisation is head of the centre Marje Lohuaru. The centre organises chamber music conferences where specialists from all over Europe make presentations on developments in the field of chamber ensembles. Master classes have become an inseparable part of each conference.

Faculty members at the centre include professor Nata-Ly Sakkos, professor emeritus Matti Reimann, assistant professor Marrit Gerretz-Traksmann and professor Marje Lohuaru.