Employment vacancies

The requirements for the teaching and research staff positions at the Academy are based on the Republic of Estonia’s Universities Act, the Standard of Higher Education, the Organization of Research and Development Act and are specified in Regulations for Recruitment for Academic Positions at EAMT, approved by the Council on 22 December 2010. The requirements for teaching and research positions are stated in the Annex to the same document. These include requirements for speciality competence, qualification (requirement of academic degrees), creative and research and past teaching work, as well as other criteria to be taken into account in assessment.

As a rule, regular members of the teaching and research staff shall be appointed through a public recruitment procedure and elected by the EAMT Council for an unlimited period. The heads of academic departments are elected by the Council amongst the members of the academic staff for up to five years or appointed by the Rector for up to three years. Visiting teaching staff shall be appointed by the Rector for up to five years.


Vacant teaching positions at the EAMT

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is recruiting for the following positions

(from September 1, 2017):

Piano Department

Professor of harpsichord (workload 0.5)

2 Associate Professors of piano (workload 1.0)

Lecturer of piano (workload 0.5)

Strings Department

Lecturer of violin (workload 0.5)

Brass and Woodwind Department

Associate Professor of saxophone (workload 0.25)

Associate Professor of trumpet (workload 0.25)

Voice Department

Lecturer of voice (workload 1.0)

Lecturer of voice training (workload 1.0)

Lecturer of voice training (workload 0.75)

Conducting Department

Professor of choir conducting (workload 1.0)

Lecturer of choir conducting (workload 1.0)

Jazz Music Department

Associate Professor of jazz (workload 0.75)

Assistant of jazz music (pianist-accompanist) (workload 0.25)

Composition Department

Professor of composition (workload 0.75)

Lecturer of electro-acoustic composition (workload 0.75)

Lecturer of electro-acoustic composition (workload 0.5)

Lecturer of audio-visual composition (workload 0.75)

Musicology Department

Professor of musicology (workload 1.0)

Institute of Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy

Professor of early keyboard music (workload 1.0)

Drama School

Associate Professor of singing for actors (workload 0.25)

Centre for Instrumental Chamber Music

Professor of chamber music (workload 1.0)

Associate Professor of chamber music (workload 0.75)

Centre for Vocal Chamber Music and Accompaniment

Associate Professor of accompaniment (workload 0.5)