Avalik loeng: muusikateadlane Srđan Atanasovski

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  • 16:15 - 17:45
  • EMTA, A-402
Avalik loeng: muusikateadlane Srđan Atanasovski

Teisipäeval, 13. detsembril kell 16.15 peab Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia kooriklassis (A-402) avaliku loengu Serbia Teaduste ja Kunstide Akadeemia Muusikateaduse Instituudi vanemteadur Srđan Atanasovski (Institute of Musicology SASA, Belgrad, Serbia). Loeng on inglise keeles.

The Telling Silence of the Belgrade Vigils and the Space of the Political

In this paper I address commemorative practices of the Belgrade feminist and anti-war group Women in Black (Žene u crnom) from the perspective of urban soundscape studies and Rancièrian analysis of the political. The activities of the group – which rose to prominence by uncompromisingly confronting Milošević’s regime belligerent politics – are currently focused on reconciliation processes and facing responsibility for the Yugoslav wars in the Serbian society. Women in Black adopt silent vigils as the main form of their protests and they regularly engage with performance art as a strategy of gaining greater visibility in the public space. I will analyse the protests held by Women in Black which took place in Belgrade in 2014 and 2015, among others to commemorate Vukovar siege (1991) and Srebrenica genocide (1995). These events entailed heavy policing by the government apparatus with a pretext of preventing any violent encounters. I pay attention both to the Women in Black practices and to the practices of policing and analyse how they transform the urban soundscape. I will argue that by producing a space of silence, these radical interventions offer a rupture in the fabric of the neoliberal sonic phantasmagoria and open the possibility of the political, understood in Jacques Rancière’s sense. However, I will also discuss the seemingly “non-violent” approach taken by the forces of policing, arguing that it itself presents a form of violence, curbing the circumference and the visibility of the vigils.

Srđan Atanasovski

Institute of Musicology SASA, Belgrade


Srđan Atanasovski (PhD in musicology) is affiliated to Institute of Musicology SASA, Belgrade. He has published papers in journals Musicologica Austriaca, Musicological Annual, Studies in Eastern European Cinema, Southeastern Europe, and in edited volumes issued by Ashgate, Palgrave Macmillan, Transcript, etc. Since 2014 he has worked on two international projects: City Sonic Ecology: Urban Soundscapes of Bern, Ljubljana, and Belgrade (University of Bern) and Figuring Out the Enemy: Re-Imagining Serbian-Albanian Relations (IPST, Belgrade). His research interests include affect theory, soundscape studies and religious nationalism. In 2015 he has been awarded with postdoctoral scholarship of the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation.