Meistrikursus pianistidele: Olga Hasanoğlu

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  • 10:00 - 16:00
  • EMTA kammersaal, orelisaal
Meistrikursus pianistidele: Olga Hasanoğlu

18. mail kell 10.00-16.00 EMTA kammersaalis
19. mail kell 10.00-16.00 EMTA orelisaalis
OLGA HASANOĞLU (19. mai Ülikooli Riiklik Konservatoorium, Samsun, Türgi)

Born in Baku, Olga Hasanoğlu graduated from Azerbaijan State Conservatoire in 1987 with the highest honour of “Concert Pianist”. She studied with the worlds leading professors and piano performers such as F. Badalbeyli and V. Hasanov at the Azerbaijan State Conservatoire, as well as L. Naumov, N. Schtarkman and D. Bashkirov at the Moscow State Conservatory. She has been awarded many prizes in various competitions and festivals. 
Since 1992, Olga has worked in several universities in Turkey while participating in international festivals as a soloist as well as an organizer.
After completing her PhD at the Mimar Sinan University State Conservatoire in Istanbul in 2003, she became Associate Professor in 2009 and Professor in 2014. During her career, Olga has appeared in numerous solo and chamber music concerts, conducted orchestras and taught piano students on international level. 
Currently she is working as Director of the Samsun Nineteen May University State Conservatoire as well as the academic member of the Piano Department in the same organization.