Sten Lassmann to give a seminar on 6 February

On Tuesday, 6 February at 16.15 in A-402 pianist Sten Lassmann, graduate of the Royal Academy of Music in London and lecturer of the Piano Department of the EAMT will give a seminar "The criteria of truth in the musical text - a performers view” .

The seminar will address the following:

The art of interpretation is based on higher musical literacy, that is not merely reading and acting out the musical score, but rather trying to reinvoke the music. If in the earlier centuries pitch and  rhythm were sufficient for marking  down a musical work, then starting from around 1800 increasingly detailed tempo, dynamic and articulation markings started to appear in the scores. These developments are related to the basic concepts of romantic aesthetics and philosophy such as individual self-expression and the autonomy or originality of the work of art. The musician now had a chance to observe the ever more precise prescriptions of the composer, which seemingly help to better understand and convey the true „nature“ or „idea“ of the musical work. In the 20th century many composers, most famously Stravinsky, stressed that the musical work is merely an „object“ and the duty of the player is not to „interpret“ but rather to perform the work according to the score, to „execute“ it. The Laboratory of Interpretation aims to look beyond the various styles, eras and performance traditions and to analyse what could be the aesthetic fundamentals and practical skills of a musician facing the musical text.

The entrance is free and everyone, especially the international students of the EAMT, is warmly welcome to attend!