V Conference of Doctoral Students (Creative Branch)

On Tuesday, March 13 at 14.0017.30 takes place in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (Tatari 13) Organ Hall (A-404) the V Conference of Doctoral Students (Creative Branch). Conference is in English.


I 14.00-15.30

Theodore Parker - Free Improvisation: Researching the Acoustic Space

Saale Fischer - Time in Service of a Rhetorical Performance

Kristiina Are - Possibilities of Textural Dynamics in Basso continuo Realization: The Rhythm


II 16.00-17.30

Iryna Gorkun-Silén(Sibelius Academy, Helsinki) - French Flute School from the End of the Nineteenth Century

Marie-Helen Aavakivi - The Repertoire and Performance Style of Estonian Violinists in the 1930s

Naiara de la Puente Vadillo(Sibelius Academy, Helsinki) - The Accordion; Instrument of the 20th Century. Accordion Meets Composers