Kaari Kiitsak-Prikk, PhD (Head of Studies)
Kaari Kiitsak-Prikk is a graduate of the EAMT cultural management master's programme and also a coordinator of the programme from 2006 to 2010. In 2017, she obtained her PhD in the Estonian Business School focusing her research on how the change in legal status affects the practices, aims and values of the cultural institutions with a specific emphasis on their role in society.
Currently, Kaari works as a researcher, lecturer and career counselor at the Centre of Cultural Management and Humanities in EAMT being interested in the research and practice of entrepreneurial training in higher arts education. She has been participating ENCATC conferences and seminars for several years in addition to the Young Cultural Policy Researcher Forum. Kaari is also a member of the Curricula Advisory Board of the cultural management programme in EAMT and a member of Society of Estonian Career Counselors.

Annukka Jyrämä, PhD (Academic Leader)
The current research interests of the academic leader of the cultural management master's programme, Professor Annukka Jyrämä, include knowledge creation processes and the role of mediators from institutional and network theory perspectives. Previously she has conducted studies in such contexts as cultural, city and business, and has extensive experience in the field of arts management research and education. Annukka’s research has focused mainly on arts marketing as well as teaching which includes arts marketing, marketing management and services marketing, but she has conducted also research seminars. Her current projects include co-creating the city brand through institutions and organizations as well as innovativeness and knowledge sharing in the city of Helsinki, and studying the image and brand development of the Helsinki Music Centre. She holds the positions of trust in the Advisory board of the Foundation for Cultural Policy Research, Creative Finland and Network for Urban Studies. Her research articles have been published in several journals such as the International Journal of Arts Management, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, and Management Learning.

Anna Ranczakowska, MA (Programme Coordinator)
Being the coordinator of the cultural management master's programme, Anna participates actively in the academic and administrative development of the EAMT cultural management master's programme of which she is also a graduate. Anna has studied previously also religion philosophy, tourism and recreation management.
In addition to her work, Anna has managed a number of cultural projects in Estonia and Poland and been actively committed to the development of societal engagement of several cultural organizations in Estonia. Having defended her master's thesis “Build upon values. The ethnographic study of relationships between place and people”, she now continues her research obtaining her PhD at Tallinn University on the multidimensional relationships between arts and society, transformation of arts engagement and culture as an innovative approach to resolving societal crises from the action philosophical perspective.

Marko Lõhmus, MA (Entrepreneurial Studies Coordinator)
The head of the Cultural Management and Humanities Centre, Associate Porfessor Marko Lõhmus has previously worked as the general manager of the Eesti Kontsert, Tallinn Philharmonic Society and Pärnu City Orchestra. He has served as the music adviser for the Ministry of Culture and in addition to EAMT, he is currently teaching cultural management also at the Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy. Marko is the board member of the Estonian Music Council and the association of the Estonian Music Festivals. He has published a number of articles that show a keen analysis and interpretation of cultural policy as well as cultural management.