Kompositsiooniosakonna tudengite uudisloomingu kontsert

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Kompositsiooniosakonna tudengite uudisloomingu kontsert

18.02 kell 17 / EMTA orelisaal
Kompositsiooniosakonna tudengite uudisloomingu kontsert
Keelpillikvartett Prezioso
Hanna-Liis Nahkur (viiul)
Mari-Katrina Suss (viiul)
Helena Altmanis (vioola)
Andreas Lend (tšello)


Juuso Sebastian Salonen

A short narrative piece about the happenings between a police officer and the cat burglar late one night at the policeman's ball.

Anni Avi
„Teeviit sissetallamata rajale“

suunab mängijaid teekonnal, mille kujundamisel on oluline roll nende enda mõttelennul ning omavahelise kontakti loomisel. Nii võetakse ka kuulajad iga uue esituse korral kaasa erinevale, veel kellegi poolt sissetallamata rajale. 
„A Signpost to Untrodden Path“ 
guides the players on a journey which is to a great extent formed by their own imagination and ability to create contact with each other. Therefore, during every subsequent performance, the audience is taken along to a path that is different from any previous ones and untrodden by anybody yet.

Liisa Hõbe
"Nokturn väsimatust kaleidoskoobist"

käimata teede tolm 
vajub õhtuhakul silmile 
peagi saabub teeline  
ja paneb ööseks ukse lukku

Laura Porovard

André de Sousa Vieira
Colour Study for String Quartet

The Colour Study for String Quartet is an idealised exercise intended as an experiment of colours, techniques, styles and consequent expressions of states of mind.

Giovanni Albini
Quartetto n 5

Quartetto n.5, Op. 19 (2009), was conceived as a short sound tribute to the G minor scale.

Fabrizio Nastari
“Echoes of Shadow”

refers to the texture and the sound I had in mind. These shadows often become more clear, aggressive or soft. 

I chose three harmonies of four notes, each uses all twelve notes. As a person, each chord shows us his personality and, in a musical way, I research how many different sounds they can have. They are never carried and never overlapped, what they do is to widen and tighten, vertically (to extreme ranges), horizontally (in very wide or tight music value), or also in the pitch. I often use the quarter-tones trying to make the chord vibrate and instil life in them until they get out of control, filling the sound space until they loose force and fade.

Peter Bajetta
Kaks miniatuuri

The first miniature has a nervous, flowing, melodic character that uses to a certain extent of pitch series and some serial rules. In contrast, the second piece is overall a harmonic piece with a slower pace. Entirely based on flageolet, it focuses on the sound of the higher registers of the instruments underlining some specific dissonances.

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