Dora Pluss

The aim of "DoRa Pluss", a programme that supports a more international higher education, mobility and growth, is to make Estonia a renowned and attractive place to study and conduct research as well as helping its university education compete on the international stage.

Sub-aims include:

  • publicising various study and research opportunities among young researchers and master's students and increase their participation in international cooperative projects
  • increasing the number of foreign master's and doctoral students in Estonian universities
  • making doctoral studies more effective
  • improving the efficiency of universities and the inclusion of foreign students
  • increasing the demand for foreign students in the Estonian labour market, and therefore, support the development of university education and the economy
  • strengthening the level of doctoral studies in Estonian universities in accordance with innovative doctoral principles

"DoRa Pluss" is open from 01.08.2015 to 31.05.2023 with a budget of 22,567,790 euros, of which support from the European Regional Development Fund comprises 87.29%.

The activity supports achieving the aims set by the Estonian Lifelong Learning Strategy 2020 higher education programme, the Estonian Research and Development and Innovation Strategy 2014–2020 "Knowledge-Based Estonia" and the National Reform Programme "Estonia 2020". EAMT master's students, doctoral students, young researchers and lecturers can apply for the following grants via the "DoRa Pluss" programme:

Action 1.1 "Short-term activities abroad related to the teaching and research work of Master’s students and young researchers in Estonia": grants to participate in a professional conference, seminar or course, or carry out other educational and research-related activities (e.g. working in libraries, using laboratories, developing study materials, working with a supervisor, participating in field work, consultations or other similar tasks) for up to 30 calendar days. The size of the grant consists of a transport allowance based on unit prices; study mobility accommodation allowance; daily allowance and the participation fees will be covered based on cost. The maximum size of the grant is 2000 euros for one activity independent of its duration or location.

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The application form can be downloaded here.

Applications can be sent electronically to the programme coordinator by the 5th of each month (except 5 July), taking into account that the mobility should start 6 weeks after the 10th of the month of application.

Action 1.2 "Mobility of doctoral students from Estonian universities to foreign universities or research facilities": support for EAMT doctoral student mobility in foreign universities or research facilities for the purposes of study, training or participation in non-formal or formal education. The grant can be applied for more than once during the nominal study period, taking into account that the minimum mobility period is 31 calendar days and the grant can be awarded for a maximum of 10 months according to the quota allocated by EAMT.

Applications can be made for a grant to cover the travel, accommodation and living expenses related to the mobility.

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The application form can be downloaded here.

Applications can be sent electronically to the coordinator 5 times a year: 23 February, 25 May, 25 August, 24 September and 24 November.

Additional information:

Kai Kiiv
Coordinator of the DoRa Pluss programme at EAMT
Phone: +372 667 5721   E-mail: