Staff mobility



Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility supports the mobility of teachers and staff between higher education institutions from programme and partner countries (non EU countries). The exchanges are based on inter-institutional agreements that have been signed between the EAMT and the partner universities.


  • Staff mobility for teaching: 5 days (travel days excluded, minimum 8 hours of teaching)
  • Staff mobility for training: 5 days (travel days excluded)
  Country Institution  Teaching places
Training places
  Russia St Petersburg State Conservatory  3 0
  Georgia Tbilisi State Conservatory  2 2
  Malaysia Universiti Teknologi MARA  1 2
  Mordovia Ogarev Mordovia State University 1 4
  Serbia Belgrade University of the Arts  2 0


Please note that the home university is responsible for the nomination and selection of staff members! Mobility agreement (Staff Mobility Agreement teaching_integr_2017) setting out the teaching programme needs to be approved and signed by the staff member, the sending and the receiving institution before the exchange.


Erasmus+ ICM support consists of two parts: per diem and one time travel grant.

Projects funded in 2017 (Russia): 160 EUR/day
Projects funded in 2018 (Georgia, Malaysia, Mordovia, Serbia): 180 EUR/day

Travel grant is calculated according to the distance between the cities as follows:

City Distance Amount
St Petersburg 100 to 499 km:  180 EUR
Belgrade, Saransk 500 to1999 km: 275 EUR
Tbilisi 2000 to 2999 km:  360 EUR
Shah Alam 8000 KM and more : 1500 EUR

The rights and obligations of the institution and the staff member as well as the daily allowance based on the number of days and travel grant based on the travel distance will be set in the grant agreement (Grant agreement_Teaching and training).

More information

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