EAMT Council


THE COUNCIL OF THE ESTONIAN ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND THEATRE is the highest collegial decision-making body of EAMT. The Council’s Chairman is the Rector and its members are the Vice Rectors, the Head of the Registry and Student Affairs Department and the heads of the academic units. In addition, the Council’s members also include the representatives of the students, including students of the Master's studies and Doctoral studies (20% of the Council’s membership is appointed by the Student Council of EAMT) and representatives of the academic staff. Sessions of the Council of EAMT take place according to need but not less frequently than four times a year.

EAMT Council work plan for the academic year 2018/19 (in Estonian)

Voting members:

Ivari Ilja Rector, Head of Council ivari@ema.edu.ee
Margus Pärtlas Vice Rector for Academic Affairs and Research margus@ema.edu.ee
Henry-David Varema Vice Rector for Development henry-david@ema.edu.ee
Ott Maaten Managing Director ott@ema.edu.ee
Piret Kukrus Chief Accountant piret@ema.edu.ee
Jane Kreek Head of Registry and Student Affairs Department janekreek@ema.edu.ee
Mati Mikalai Head of Piano Department mati.mikalai@gmail.com
Arvo Leibur Head of Strings Department aleibur@hot.ee
Peeter Sarapuu Head of Brass and Woodwind Department sarapuu@colleduc.ee
Nadia Kurem Head of Voice Department qrem@ema.edu.ee
Tõnu Kaljuste Head of Conducting Department lainelox@gmail.com
Marje Lohuaru Head of Instrumental Chamber Music Centre marje@ema.edu.ee
Helin Kapten Head of Vocal Chamber Music and Accompaniment Centre helinkapten@hotmail.com
Toomas Siitan Head of Musicology Department toomas.siitan@gmail.com
Lembit Orgse Head of Institute of Instrumental and Vocal Pedagogy lembit@ema.edu.ee
Kristi Kiilu Head of Music Education Institute kristi.kiilu@mail.ee
Jaak Sooäär Head of Jazz Music Department jaaksooaar@gmail.com
Lembit Peterson Head of Drama School lembit.peterson@gmail.com
Kaari Kiitsak-Prikk kaari@ema.edu.ee
Kristel Pappel Head of Centre for Doctoral Studies kristel.pappel@gmail.com
Imbi Tarum Head of Early Music Department imbitarum@gmail.com
Peep Lassmann Professor peep@ema.edu.ee
Anu Lamp Professor anulamp@hotmail.com
Johanna Vahermägi Lector johanna_vla@yahoo.com
Mihkel Poll mihkelpoll@gmail.com
Paolo Girol paolo@ema.edu.ee
Eerik Jõks eerik@ekn.ee
Jaak Prints jaakprints@gmail.com
Markus Helmut Ilves Directing Studies Bachelor degree student markusilves1@hotmail.com
Karl Tipp Saxophone Bachelor degree student karl.tipp@gmail.com
Karoliina Itter Piano Bachelor degree student karoliina.itter@gmail.com
Karl Joosep Sinisalu Clarinet Masters degree student karljoosep321@gmail.com
Brita Post Violin Bachelor degree student bbritappost@gmail.com
Helin Pihlap Interpretation Pedagogy Masters degree student helin@pihlap.ee
Kirke Karja Doctoral student kirkekarja@gmail.com
Advisory members:
Rein Oja Representative of the Board of Governors rein.oja@draamateater.ee
Ilvi Rauna Chief Librarian ilvi@ema.edu.ee
Kadri Leivategija Head of the EAMT Representative Office in Tartu kadri@tmk.ee
Timo Steiner Principal of the Tallinn Music High School timo@tmkk.edu.ee
Olga Tungal Chairwoman of the Committee of the Trade Union olga@ema.edu.ee
Aleksandra Dolgopolova Council Secretary aleksandra@ema.edu.ee

Confirmed 07.09.2018