Board of Governors

The Board of Governors of EAMT is an advisory board, which is responsible for the relations of EAMT with the public.

The Board of Governors is composed of representatives of cultural and economic circles as well as representatives of the political parties, who are appointed to the office for three years by the Government of Estonia. The main function of the board is to represent public interests at the Academy. Once a year the Board of Governors gives a public evaluation of the work of EAMT.

The members of the Board of Governors have been appointed by regulation of the Government of the Republic of Estonia on 17 September 2015:

Olari Elts, Kristjan Hallik, Armin Karu, Enn Kunila, Ain Lutsepp, Hannes Hanso, Mart Nutt, Rein Oja, Laine Randjärv, Aadu Must ja Erkki-Sven Tüür.