Installatsioon "DEAD MAN"

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  • Löwenschede torn

13.04 kell 17 / Löwenschede torn (Kooli 7)
Installatsiooni "DEAD MAN" avamine
EMTA kompositsiooniosakonna ning EKA ehte- ja sepakunsti eriala ühistöö

Sarah Elizabeth Johnston
Mihkel Tomberg
Alexander Kamelhair
Kristjan Kannukene
Roland Arnoldt
Natalia Wojcik

"DEAD MAN" is an art installation and performance integrating traditional material discipline with film, soundscape and musical composition. Through ritual, sound and object, collaborators will create a sacred space in which the arrow of time will spiral between what is ancient and digital before dissolving completely. The DEAD MAN may not yet know that he is dead. His awakening hinges on his willingness to recognize other modes of being. These artists reach into the darkness beyond life and death, hoping to brush up against something heretofore unknown, and to pay their due respects. Perhaps this something is hard and cold like stone, or iron.

Installatsioon jääb külastajatele avatuks 14.–18.04 kell 13–17